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COVID-19: What to eat when you have the virus

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Eating a nutrient-dense diet can help someone recover from COVID-19 by supporting their immune system and managing inflammation. This may be particularly important if they lose their sense of taste or smell and have the temptation to eat stronger tasting, less nutritious foods.

People can support their bodies in recovery at home by eating a nutritious diet. This article looks at what experts advise to eat when individuals have COVID-19.

This article also details the symptoms of COVID-19, how the loss of taste and smell affects diet, what to do if vomiting occurs, and some frequently asked questions.
According to a 2022 review, experts associate a diet involving healthy, plant-based foods with a lower risk and severity of COVID-19. In addition, the study found that a healthy, plant-based diet may particularly benefit people with higher socioeconomic deprivation.

A diet high in saturated fat increasesTrusted Source angiotensin-converting enzyme, the main entry point for coronavirus into cells. Research suggests that diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, which are low in saturated fat and high in nutrients from plant foods, can provide more antioxidants for the body. Antioxidants may helpTrusted Source fight viruses and support the immune system.

Therefore, eating the following foods can provide fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and phytochemicals, which are helpful compounds that plants produce.