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Why You Should Start working While in Medical College

Author: Dr. Rohini Should I work in college? How will woking while in college help me? Working while studying appears to be a complete nightmare.  The last thing you want to do after eight hours of courses is commit to a four-hour shift, but there are numerous advantages to taking a part-time job as a student.  […]

How to Make Money as a College Student in India – 2021

Author: Prekshana Aroon Making money as a youth has become essential. It is a really big piece of work these days. For College students who are bound to stay at home during the pandemic and have no source of income. There are various methods and ways to gain some source of income, now a days […]

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What is the Importance of Mental Health?

Author: Dr. Rohini Mental health strongly influences the quality of life of people. Mental wellness encompasses social, physical as well as psychological well-being of a person. It influences how a person thinks, feels, acts, handles pressure, communicates with others and makes decisions in specific situations. Mental wellbeing is essential in each phase of life, from childhood […]

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Will AI Replace Doctors?

Author: Dr. Rohini How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Healthcare? Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Doctors? There’s really widespread agreement that AI will not be able to replace doctors. Arguing that it can does not only go against the complexity of what doctors perform, but it also ignores the importance of a human touch. When discussing your […]

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Professor advices medical student to have children and sleep with patients

Story submitted by a young female doctor who wishes to remain anonymous, written by Dr. Rohini In 2nd year, during clinical postings nobody used to take classes for us. Hence, the students would usually sit in the ward on the empty beds at the end of the ward, and we would study ourselves. One fine […]

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Choosing Your Medical Specialty

Author: Dr. Rohini What Specialty Should I Choose? Which Specialty is The Best? How do I Choose My Specialty? One of the most significant decisions a medical student will make is choosing of specialty for practice.  In a doctor’s life, there are few decisions as important and nerve-wracking as deciding on a medical specialty. The choice […]

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Importance of filing ITR

Author: Rajat, CA When is ITR (Income Tax Return) filing mandatory? As per income tax laws, filing of ITR is mandatory when your income doesn’t exceed the maximum amount not chargeable to tax i.e. if your income is upto Rs. 2,50,000, you don’t need to file the ITR. Also, from 2021 a new requirement has […]

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Sympathy Vs Empathy

Author: Dr. Rohini Emotional intelligence is an important to maintain a healthy personal and professional life. Two important components of emotional intelligence are empathy and sympathy. Though  people often use “empathy” and “sympathy” interchangeably, but they’re both different. Empathy and sympathy are both good traits to have as they help offer support for people who need […]

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Importance of Bedside Manners

Author: Dr. Rohini What is the importance of bedside manners? Bedside manner often refers to the way a medical professional interacts, handles and communicates with a patient in a doctor–patient relationship. Bedside manner is one of the most important factors which contributes to a positive patient experience. Having a provider who is friendly, attentive and […]

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Why is Getting into Medical PG a challenge in India?

Author: Dr. Sindhu and Dr. Rohini Back in the day, if you wanted to ge into PG after MBBS, all you had to do is walk in, and tell them which department you want to specialise in, and you were in! Simple! This have changed quite a bit since, making getting into PG very difficult, […]


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