Why Was Wake Up Doctors Created?

The goal is to create a platform and safe space for doctors , nurses, medical students, patients to read, as well as share their experiences, insight and tell their stories – ultimately learning from each other, supporting each other, inspiring each other to grow professionally and financially. ANYONE CAN CONTRIBUTE! We also have a forum, where we encourage everyone to speak out and have healthy discussions

Guess what? WAKE UP DOCTORS is available in all languages – scroll down to translate to the language of your choice.

WAKE UP DOCTORS aims to call out the dysfunctional healthcare system and make a difference to the lives of all healthcare professionals, aspiring students and improve patient care.

At WAKE UP DOCTORS, we strive to provide quality content on medical practice, current affairs, business, finance, technology, mental health, recent medical advances, medical education and patient information (because, let’s face it, people will google and they have the right to – hence, we aim to provide medically accurate content for patients to educate themselves and are able to ask their doctor the right questions, being equipped with the right facts).

Services we provide:

  • Mental health support (For healthcare professionals and anyone that needs it)
  • Personal financial and business advise and support for healthcare professionals.
  • communication skills coaching/ corporate training and image consulting.
  • Career counselling for students aspiring to do medicine or other healthcare related professions and medical students or doctors wishing to switch careers.

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