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How to Make Money as a College Student in India – 2021

Author: Prekshana Aroon

Making money as a youth has become essential. It is a really big piece of work these days. For College students who are bound to stay at home during the pandemic and have no source of income. There are various methods and ways to gain some source of income, now a days the opportunities are flexible. The wide spread during COVID19 let the Internet world dominate. These days many people across the world have learned to earn online through various ways. Given the circumstances there some great ways to earn money, while staying home. These are helpful ways to earn during your college days even if you have as little as one to three hours a day – you can use all these given solutions being in any field – From Engineering, medicine to arts and Science anybody can do it. 

7 Ways to Make Money as a College Student

  1. Freelance work.
  2. Instagram influencer. 
  3. Blogging/Vlogging.
  4. Sell your skills and knowledge.
  5. Stipend internships and parttime job 
  6. Rent books, sell books
  7. Tutoring.
  1. Freelancing

One of the most essential ways to make money is to freelance work, it could be copy writing, translating, graphic designing, video editing, app developing, animating, content writing, content creating, stocks advising and more. Analyse what you are good at, what your interests are and what services you could offer that you would get paid for. 

There are so many ways to freelance using certain websites and apps to find opportunities/ work:


With these websites and apps, you can use for freelancing to earn money in the right directions.

2. Instagram influencer

Instagram influencer earn money in multiple ways – From sponsoring content, to getting tips on Instagram livestream for influencing, creators balance many streams of income. Social media platforms have taken over a primary stage for influencers launching their careers.

3. Blogging /Vlogging

Making videos of your skills or adventures have become the biggest trends. You can earn money in various ways through vlogging. Opening a YouTube channel could be enough to squander you through the multiverse. A person can earn up to 2-3 lacs per annum through not just through ads, but also through sponsorships and talent. All you need to do is create interesting content and upload it. Blogging can be very useful if you can you can take up online and offline typing assignments as a college student.

Work with:

  1. Ads networks like Ad sense,
  2. Direct advertisement 
  3. Affiliate marketing 
  4. Native Advertising  
  5. Paid reviews sponsored post 
  6. Launch online courses (this could be a challenge because as a college student, it is often difficult to establish trust to be able to get people to pay for your courses)
  7. Sell eBooks, Blueprints

4.  Sell your skills and knowledge 

Just like freelancing you can sell your impressive talents and skills. You can sell your art work, you can make podcasts and sell them to channels that have podcasting sectors, you can use apps like Anchor or Spotify to sell your podcasts, you can write novels/ ebooks, make wedding favours, décor, cards, invitation et or you can even teach languages you are fluent in.

5. Stipend Internships and part timing

Stipend internship is predetermined amount of cash prepaid to few individuals. Stipends are often provided to people who are ineligible to receive a regular salary in exchange for the work they dedicate to the given consignment in exchange of duties they perform you are paid a small wager. Doing a part time job can help anyone easily earn up to 12,000-18,000 a month depending on your role you get as a college student – this applies to all industries, right form engineering, medicine, arts etc.

6. Rent books, sell books, online tutoring

Books have become the most needed part for all the book nerds and the lovers, especially now with many people spending most of the day at home and working from home during the pandemic. Book strengthens the brain increases your empathy, builds your vocabulary, prevents cognitive decline, helps in reducing stress. So selling books and renting them would very thoughtful way to earn.

6. Tutoring

You can earn fairly well by tutoring schools students – online and live. There are several tutoring platforms that you can use to connect with prospective students and their parents or you could spread the word through your network.  online through tutoring apps.

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