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How to Prepare For NEET PG?

Author: Dr. Sindhu

Public Eligibility cum Entrance Test for postgraduate admissions or NEET-PG is one of the hardest placement tests in India. There are different coaching organizations that give direction to the competitors planning for this test. In any case, each applicant might not have the means to join a training center. 

But, it is feasible to get ready for NEET PG at home. However this will require a ton of hard work and commitment.

Below are some tips suggested by experts and toppers which will help you with your NEET PG preparation strategy.

·      Revise the Syllabus

The first phase in NEET-PG planning is going through the NEET-PG syllabus. Going through the syllabus doesn’t mean reading the name of the subjects. To finish this stage you should know what topics and sub-topics are covered for the NEET-PG. Additionally, you should know which topic has the most weightage and which has the least weightage.

·      Study Previous Year Question Papers

Now that you know the syllabus it’s time to understand what sort of questions are posed in NEET-PG. Study the question papers of the earlier years’ and attempt to find what sort of questions are asked from various topics. You can make a rundown of the points that have more weightage and are covered in depth in the question paper. This will help you with focusing on points.

·      Know the Paper Patter and Marking Scheme

NEET-PG test pattern and marking scheme are significant factors that characterize your preparation strategy. Since the assessment follows a negative stamping system you can’t give guessing answers. You need to remain calm while tackling the NEET-PG question paper and keep on track to try not to score negatives.

·      Prepare a Timetable

It is easy to forget about time when you are at home. Setting up a schedule and following it strictly will help you with tackling this issue. Dedicate somewhere around 8 hours in a day for NEET PG preparation.

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·      Start with Basics

In the event that you wish to get a good score in NEET-PG, you need to go through everything, consequently it tends to be hard to get what topics to cover first. Specialists propose beginning with the basics and short subjects. These are nearly simpler subjects and will occupy not so much. By finishing these subjects you complete practically 60% of the syllabus.

·      Make Notes and Highlights

When studying a topic, underline/highlight the points that you feel are key/important and can be asked in the exam. This technique will help you save time during the examination. You can rapidly go through the highlighted notes for a quick reference which helps you remember better.

·      Regular Revisions

Assign time for revision of your timetable. Candidates generally start with revision after they complete the whole syllabus, yet this training isn’t successful. Dedicate an hour for updates each day. This will keep the wheel moving and you can finish more revision cycles when you finish the syllabus.

  • Start early 

NEET is here to stay. Hence, start preparing early, ideally right from the first year of medical school. Study your NEET books and practice questions alongside your medical curriculum at college. The is could make the entire process seamless and stress free. It would also help you reinforce your concepts better and help perform well in your college exams.

·      Seek Mentoring

Getting ready for NEET-PG at home without instructons isn’t going be to be simple. You need a guide or a mentor to help you move in the correct way. Look for help from an old school teacher or a senior, any individual who knows what’s going on with NEET-PG.

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