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OBGYN Fellowship in Holding the Speculum

A GREAT INDIAN FELLOWSHIP SCAM, shared by a Doctor who wishes to remain anonymous.

I am basically a resident of mumbai. After completing my post- graduation in OBGYN , I was so inclined towards the field of IVF and was sure wanted to pursue a fellowship in it. Also, I filled out applications for the same . I was so glad when I was selected for fellowship in one of the most prestigious hospitals and had an opportunity of working under one of the top infertility doctor’s of our country , She is so renowned that has been elected as presidents and VP’s of most of organisations in the field of IVF , laproscopy and obgy. 

But unfortunately she scammed me and also many of the ex- fellows . I was given a stipend of around Rs. 20,000 per month after we shelled out lakhs for the fellowship (yes, A paid fellowship). 

The only hands-on , I got was history taking, draping, painting and holding a speculum for the cases. 

Apart from the the verbal abuse was beyond imagination, comparing us to the mama’s and maushi’s of the hospital , questioning our degrees , calling out on our families.

Some have also faced personal comments on having boyfriends . We worked from morning 8 till 9 pm at night. 

No time to eat or drink water , we were always on our toes. 

No seminars or tutorials were taken , no formal teaching programs, no case discussions , no journal clubs. 

We were just her slaves in the name of fellows. 

We were insulted in front of her patients , patients use to then afterwards question us on our degrees they felt we are interns.

At the end we decided to lodge a formal complaint against her in NBE , with hospital authorities and Fogsi. But no action was taken , a meeting was called and thats it.  A few fellows discontinued , few waited for their term to get over .

These corporate hospitals don’t care about junior doctors , they don’t want to lose doctors who brings in money for them .

When we spoke to few ex fellows , we realised everyone has been through the same few went into clinical depression too , but no- one took a stand against her because she has a strong backing, like may toxic senior doctors.

We were the only group who lodged a complaint but never got anything out of it. In fact, she filed a defamation case against us.

I eventually dropped out after six months and never looked back.

If you would like to know details about this fellowship so you don’t get scammed, get in touch at

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